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Writing good literature essays requires one to be an avid reader, and some students consider it a tedious task to read large volumes of novels and poetry Literature is not a favorite for some students. Understanding the key ideas and concepts from an author’s work is key to writing a good essay. William Shakespeare is a renowned playwriter and poet in the world. His works have a tremendous grammatical prowess coupled with intriguing events that derive the utmost suspense such as the famous plays of Romeo and Juliet, Macbeth, Othello, and merchant of Venice.

A student has a wide range of topics for a Shakespeare essay to choose from, such as a biographical essay, poem, or play’s analysis. The student needs to be good at articulating his/her views about a poem or book as well as excellent summarizing skills and writing skills of good synopses. However, some students like these skills, and they end up delivering incomprehensible papers. Other challenges include time-barring, balancing work-study life, for college students balancing education and other fun activities is challenging. Nevertheless, all these individuals can benefit from seeking assistance from expert writers to write their papers.

How to Quote Shakespeare in an Essay

You can use the following simple guide on how to quote Shakespeare in an essay using the MLA style guidelines.

References formatting

Quoting Prose

Quoting Verse

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Essay on Shakespeare Sonnets Here and Now

A sonnet is a representation of a 14-line poem with a particular rhythmic theme. The sonnets of Shakespeare use the following rhyme pattern abab cdcd efef gg, whereby the final couplet summarizes the previous 12 lines or portray an abrupt ending. This rhythmic pattern of the sonnets is known as iambic pentameter. Shakespeare’s sonnets 1-126 talk about the poet’s relationship with a young man while sonnet 127-154 talk about the Dark Lady, a woman relationship with the poet. You can use this information to come up with an exciting topic for an essay on Shakespeare sonnets.

Have a look at some examples of William Shakespeare essay topics.

Shakespeare Essay Conclusion Here and Now

To write a reasonable Shakespeare essay conclusion, you need to re-state your thesis statement and summarize how the evidence you presented supports your thesis.

To write William Shakespeare biography essay, you will need to research on credible scholarly works from the internet such as autobiographies and journal articles.

H2- Interesting Shakespeare Essay Topics

Have a look at some of the top-notch Shakespeare essay topics.

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