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April 24, 2019
Structure of an Essay

Within the course of their education, students will often be requested to write various types of paper. These include coursework, term papers, homework assignments, essays, research papers, and many others. All these require remarkable writing proficiency.

There are also some challenges that prevent students from composing quality papers. One of them is poor organization. If your ideas and arguments are ambiguous, it becomes extremely troublesome to comprehend the issue you are discussing. The reason is that your essay lacks a logical flow of thoughts.

Some students do not know how to structure an essay. Structuring your paper is part of the organization process. The proper structure of an essay consists of an introduction, then proceed the body sections and a conclusion. There is specific information that goes into each section that should not be present in any other.

For this reason, if you are a scholar who has no clue on the proper arrangement and structuring methodology of an essay, it would be helpful to hire an astute content writer. This can at least help you enhance your academic performance.

Your Ultimate Guide on How to Structure an Essay

The basic essay structure comprises of an introduction that gives background information to the study and mentions the thesis statement. After that, the writer proceeds to write the body paragraphs. Each paragraph must discuss a particular idea. The writer must introduce a topic sentence and proceed to give further insight into the sub-topic. Lastly, the conclusion entails a summary of all the points discussed capped off with a lesson to be learned or some closing remarks.

Common Essay Structure Types a Student Should Know

There are four major kinds of essays commonly written in academic environments. These are the narrative, expository, descriptive and argumentative. Each of them has distinct essay structure types:

  • Narrative Essays

These types of papers focus on a single life event the author experienced. It can be composed of dialog, action and other minor details. While writing this essay, you need to use a narrative or chronological structure within a period. However, do not just mention the events like a schedule. You need to be a storyteller who provides great details on each specific event. Use language that would make your story as vivid as possible.

  • Expository Essays

This genre of essays comprises some subcategories. These include the cause and effect essay, problem solution, compare, and contrast, among others. In this type of writing, the author has to show a correlation between different facts. If it is a compare and contrast, the writer can write an essay paragraph structure in order to show a comparison of one aspect of the situation to another. For the cause and effect essay, you need to discuss the cause of a certain phenomenon and its repercussions.

  • Descriptive Essays

These essays provide a step by step description of an object, a person, a place or a situation. The essay writing structure consists of initial paragraphs that offer an introduction describing the general appearance or feel of the object or person. The body paragraphs then offer deeper descriptions of one or two aspects of the person, thing, place, among others.

  • Argumentative Essays

These essays attempt to draw the reader towards the writer’s viewpoint. In your introduction, you need to clearly state the purpose of your paper via your thesis statement. The essay body structure should consist of paragraphs that discuss your ideas as you give evidence through statistics, relevant examples and other credible sources. You must exhibit expertise in the topic you are discussing to convince the reader fully. In the conclusion, sum up your arguments and give a final say.

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