What Makes Up a Great Smoking Essay

July 9, 2019

Writing an essay on this subject may seem to be a simple task, but let this not trick you into thinking that there are not a lot of things to consider if you are to get a good score. An excellent paper, regardless of the simplicity of the topic, entails the following:

  • A good structure
  • Fully addresses the topic in question
  • Use credible sources to build your arguments
  • Eliminate grammatical errors

A paper structure is the framework of your content. If you get it wrong here, this disrupts the flow of your paper. Detailed information about the structure is covered below. Also, you need to comprehensively answer the question asked. Using proper sources is also important. You can obtain a lot of information from online scholarly libraries and reputable sources. Remember to proofread the paper once finished. If you’re out of time to complete your writing task on smoking, you can contact us, and we will deliver a great paper on time. Let’s find out what makes a strong smoking essay.

The Basic Structure of an Essay on Smoking

The structure is a critical facet of any academic paper you’ll ever be tasked to write. It gives the paper good presentability and flow, therefore making it easy for your instructor to read the content. A great persuasive essay about smoking should have the following parts:

  • A detailed introduction
  • Support paragraphs
  • A comprehensive conclusion
  • Complete bibliography

An intro is the face of your paper, as it gives your reader a first impression The structure your content. A good essay on smoking should eloquently introduce the subject matter. It is essential to state the background information regarding your topic, identifying what the problem is. Ensure you do not have any grammatical mistakes in the first paragraph.

The second part is the support or body paragraphs. These allow you to present your case and verdict. You have to have solid points for your paper to be considered of good quality. For example, if your paper’s topic is ‘Smoking Needs to Stop,’ you have to give solid reasons to support your thesis.

From there, you have to wrap up your text with an awesome conclusion. This last paragraph gives you the opportunity to ascertain your take on the topic of your paper. Do not make the mistake of introducing new content as this will disrupt the flow of your paper. The last essential component of your essay is the bibliography page.

It is important to use sources from scholarly research works and publications. These make your arguments stronger and therefore increases the quality of your paper. In case you are unable to write a great smoking essay because of diverse reasons, you can have us handle the task for you. At Ewriters, we have competent writers experienced and well versed in this subject area. Place your order now!

What to Write in a Cause and Effect Essay on Smoking

When writing an essay, remember that your score depends on your ability to exhaustively address the topic. So, the question is, what exactly do you need to write in a cause and effect essay on smoking? If you are uncertain about this, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Here’s what you may include in your paper:

  • Description of chronic smoking
  • How does habitual smoking come about?
  • Short-term effects of smoking
  • Long-term effects of smoking
  • Possible remedies to the problem

In such a paper, the instructor wants to evaluate your understanding of the smoking issue. A good effects of smoking essay should not go straight to stating the various effects associated with the habit. You should first demonstrate your understanding of the subject matter by giving a brief description of smoking as a problem or addiction. This is considering that smoking can only have severe effects if it is a habitual practice.

Secondly, your essay about smoking cigarettes should include a brief elaboration of how individuals start smoking and the habit escalates to become problematic. One of the points you could include here is the aspect of peer pressure especially in the teenage years. Coming to the main segment of your essay about smoking, you will talk about the various short-term and long-term effects associated with chronic smoking.

The most common long-term effect you can talk about is the associated health challenges. You can briefly mention the various diseases that can be caused by excessive smoking such as lung cancer and liver cirrhosis. Including detailed information in your paper will depend on the required length of the essay. One of the short-term effects you can talk about is the social aspect. Smoking inevitably impacts a person’s relationships, especially if an individual’s social circle detests the habit.

For some reasons, you might not be able to complete this task on time. Our competency in this topic’s field is impeccable. Therefore you can rely on us to write the paper for you. Contact us now!