Expert Advise On How to Write a Personal Essay

April 2, 2019
How to Write a Personal Essay

Have you ever wondered what is a personal essay? Personal essays are a broad category of papers that often incorporate different writing styles. Majority of these essays require to write their thoughts on an important event, time or person in their lives. The agenda is to inform the reader about the situation in a manner that they can comprehensively understand. The personal essay usually incorporates both descriptive and narrative writing. These are the two modes that dominate this writing style.

Many students normally do not know how to write a personal essay and thus feel intimidated to the ask. They deem it a big challenge to sit down and organize all the ideas they need to compose. However, essay writing is a fundamental component of the education process. Therefore, students need to have substantial writing aptitudes.

Common Challenges Students Experience in Composing Personal Essay

The biggest challenge to most students is the inability to write properly. Any time they try to compose an essay, they end up with poor quality work that cannot attain any good scores. Others employ utterly unproductive methods in revising and researching new information. This causes them to come up with inadequate as well as irrelevant content.

Inability to Meet Deadlines

Many challenges can prevent a student from submitting a paper on time. One of them is an excessive academic burden. This causes much fatigue to the involved scholars. Therefore, they are not able to properly focus and write fast enough.

Family responsibilities cause much fatigue to students as well. They take up most of the free time after-school hours. Students need some spare time to study or write assignments. Balancing both academic tasks and school work is a big impediment to students’ academic progress.

Part-time jobs also take up a large portion of the free time. To meet extra financial expenses, some students often take part-time jobs. Most of these jobs are done after school or during the weekends and holidays. Students spend a lot of energy and most of their free time doing these tasks. This prevents them from writing quality papers. As such it is necessary to seek online writing assistance to help them compose essays within the deadlines.

Expert Advice on How to Start a Personal Essay

If you do not know how to start a personal essay, the first step is to go through the prompts and understand them thoroughly. Sometimes you might be assigned a given topic, but in other instances, you might be given free rein on what to write about. Take note of the formatting rules required. Some popular personal essay topics include:

  • How you conquered your fears
  • When a friend disappointed you
  • An event you shall never forget
  • A moment you disappointed someone

Once you decide on the topic, evaluate all the personal essay ideas you would like to write then create an outline. This shall guide you in the writing process. When it comes to the personal essay format, it is similar to that of a general paper. i.e., you begin with introductory paragraphs, the body paragraphs then the conclusion.

Important Tips to Observe While Composing the Paper

Place most of your focus on detail. Your job is more about showing rather than narrating what happened. Use much detail and do not use too many adjectives. Use strong verbs instead.

Another crucial step is to integrate sensory details. Do not just plainly focus on how the situation or place appeared. Most writers rely on the visual descriptions along. You can also use other senses such as touch, smell, sound and taste besides sight.

Next, connect the person, event or place to a bigger idea. During your description, do not lose track of the major idea, i.e., the impact the event had on you. This shall form the thesis of your paper, and it is paramount to demonstrate how such details combine to form a thesis.

Lastly, take note of your verb tenses. As you describe how past events continue to affect your life make sure to use proper grammar.

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