Find Tips for Preparing a Five Paragraph Essay

October 1, 2019

Writing a five paragraph essay is a very simple exercise for some people, but it may not be the case for all students. Any learner who desires to learn how to write the essay has an opportunity to do so. In this post, you will learn how to write a five paragraph essay.

There are many ways to determine whether the tips provided on this paper are all you need to improve your performance. To begin with, if you juggle between school, work, and family and lack time for your assignment, then you are reading the right post. Also, if you are not a native English speaker with the fear of doing a poor paper or lack the subject mastery, you need to read this post to the brim. Besides, if you lack a five paragraph essay lesson plan, have a fear of failure to meet the deadline, are bored with several large assignments, and lack a five paragraph essay format, it’s time to discover that all the tips you need are available at Ewriters. We offer students free tips for writing many types of papers. In this global village with an archive of activities, it’s rare to find a student who doesn’t need free tips for writing essays. It makes it easier to handle assignments and saves on time, we believe you are not exceptional. Find the below tips for writing your essay.

Find a Five Paragraph Essay Format for Your Assignment

You are a step away from learning or getting assistance for your essay, but before we proceed to give you the tips, it’s vital to take cognizance of the fact that there are six types of the five paragraph essay as listed below.

  • Persuasive essay
  • Expository essay
  • A narrative
  • An argumentative essay
  • An article to compare and contrast
  • A cause and effect essay

The five paragraph essay structure is divided into the following paragraphs, an introductory paragraph, three body paragraphs, a concluding paragraph, and a reference page. The introductory paragraph gives a glimpse of what the whole essay is all about. Its first line should be a hook sentence and the last sentence, a thesis statement that transitions the reader to the first line of the body paragraph. It should grab the reader’s attention. The three body paragraphs give three major points of the argument stated in the thesis statement, starting with the strongest point in the first paragraph. The conclusion paragraph should consider the arguments in the body paragraphs to make a verdict in support of the assertion made in the thesis statement. You now have a hint on what is expected in your essay. In case you may need further insights on writing an essay or any other kind of paper, be sure that we offer free tips to all students.

We Teach How to Write a Five Paragraph Essay

Since the introduction and the conclusion will take two paragraphs, the body has only three paragraphs. A section often contains one major point, and as such, you need to narrow down to the three most important points of your argument for the subject. The first sentence of every paragraph should give the topic or state the main position it addresses and should include the main keywords. The second sentence should develop the theme or main idea mentioned in the first line. The third sentence should demonstrate the point by giving information that clarifies, giving examples, and provide specific data, factual materials, and experiences. The fourth paragraph should give meaning to the topic by showing the importance and relevance of the information given. The last section should conclude by providing a summary and provide a link to the next paragraph. The final step is to proofread to ensure that the item supports the thesis statement and uses the appropriate tone. You notice that every sentence takes the form of the overall essay, introduction, body, and conclusion.

These kind of essays are popular in measuring students writing skills and is given within a time frame. You need to assess the reason the essay was given, and the target audience then uses an appropriate tone. Using an active voice in the introduction section makes it look great. Also, an essay should be divided into sections with sub-headings to look smart.

Other types of papers that you may need to know how to write include journals, reviews, and research papers, dissertations, thesis, and coursework, among others. The writing styles may differ, and you need to study about them too.

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