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April 22, 2019
Compare Contrast Essay Topics

Comparison and contrast essays are mostly undertaken in secondary and post-secondary classes. In numerous circumstances, assignment guidelines clearly state the compare and contrast essay topics to be discussed. However, if the question has not been specified, you can choose whatever you desire to compare.

In case you have been given the freedom to choose your topic, your subjects need to have an element of comparison to enable you to articulate the contrast and similarities between each. This allows you to write numerous points.

Challenges Learners Face in Handling Easy Compare and Contrast Essay Topics

The first problem students encounter in getting easy compare and contrast essay topics is a poor organization of both the research and writing process. The methods they use in searching for data are very poor. They imagine the essay needs some outlandish ideas. This leads to frustration, and they end up with poor quality papers. While jotting down their points during research, they do not organize the related ideas together. As such they are unable to correlate similar ideas to one another properly.

Whenever students are given specific topics for compare and contrast essay, sometimes students might find it boring. In the event of boredom, creativity is greatly diminished, and they cannot think of any practical comparisons. They have to rely on thorough research which further exacerbates their boredom and frustration.

After organizing all the information, you need to create an outline; structure of the paper. The basic essay structure consists of an introduction, the body, and a conclusion. Some students do not know the proper method of structuring compare and contrast essays. This leads them to writing papers that lack interconnectedness between ideas in paragraphs.

Another major problem is the use of inappropriate lexis while writing essays. In an attempt to sound unique or intriguing, students might resort to using heavy vocabulary and jargon without first getting a proper understanding of what they mean. This leads to many misnomers in their papers. In the end, the only outcome is poor performance in that particular paper.

Tips on How to Find the Best Compare and Contrast Essay Topics

If you have no idea of the best compare and contrast essay topics that can earn you the highest marks, you can research various information sources. These include a discussion with your colleagues or asking your instructors for some ideas. Reading newspapers and magazines as well as information from the internet is a vital source of good compare and contrast essay topics that many students might not be aware of.

For example, in newspapers, you will always find political news as well as analysis of current events and their impacts both short-term and long-term. You can also access information about sports and business trends from local markets to global economies. This is a very good source of unique compare and contrast essay topics.

Magazines and articles mostly discuss niche topics such as home & lifestyle, health, relationships, sports, automobiles, personal growth, among others. By reading this information, you get more enlightenment on social trends all over the world.

A relatively new avenue for obtaining essay ideas is social media. People post multimedia content such as images, videos, and audio. Going through online memes can be a source of funny compare and contrast essay topics.

Some of the best essay topics you can write about include:

  • Online vs. traditional marketing techniques
  • The contributions of Socrates in philosophy versus that of Plato
  • Attitudes of Trump and Putin on foreign relations
  • Similarities and differences between World War I and World War II

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